This is an update on some exciting things that have been happening at Maranatha! Our 20 years of experience in providing church building plans is working well. We are providing the highest quality plans available at a very reasonable cost.

The new Maranatha Super Building is helping churches save money without compromising quality. The insulated shell package saves time in construction and allows for volunteer help for churches that want to save money by doing some of the work themselves.

I can appreciate the situation that your church is in. What are our options? How do we help people catch the vision? How can we design buildings that don't become obsolete in a few years? How much is it going to cost and can we afford it? Recently we have been doing something that has been very successful and helps the church get these issues under control. It is called a "Brain Storming" session. We invite the church committee into our office in Jamestown for a day of intensive brain storming and research. Jamestown works well for several reasons. First, it is away from your distractions. Secondly, we have immediate access to our full staff and computers as well as hundreds of plans that we have developed for others. Third, we have samples and catalogs for almost anything that you could imagine. We are also into acoustic and sound system design and we can show you a local installation of our state-of-the-art sound system.

We had two ministers visit from a church in Brooklyn, New York. They said that they had accomplished more in a day and a half than they had in many months of working with a local architect. To cap it off we credit your travel cost against your design cost should you decide to continue with us.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bernie Satrom
President, MCCI