Our Mission:

To build up the Body of Christ by providing the very finest in Professional advice, products and services.
Whether your church needs an addition, renovation or totally new facility, Maranatha can help. We provide the very finest in Master Planning, Architectrual Design, Construction Services and Construction Management. The Maranatha building is easily expanded from 250 to 1500 or from 500 up to 3000. Our clients save up to 30 to 50% on construction, 50 to 75% on energy, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wise "Strategic Master Planning." Our buildings feature state of the art acoustic design, sound and lighting systems.
Nearly 20 years ago Maranatha was started with one thought in mind. To serve churches during one of the most critical stages of its life. During the planning and construction of facilities. What if we could help churches save so that they could build now? What if we could help churches save thousand of dollars a year in energy and insurance to free up resources for outreach and missions? What if we could design facilities which did not become obsolete, facilities that could grow as the church grew? Out of this dream Maranatha was born.
At Maranatha, we consider the planning, design and construction of facilities for churches to be a sacred trust, and feel it is an honor to be able to assist you at this important time. We believe that God does care, not only about our personal lives but also about the facilities we use to worship Him. (See Haggai). The design and construction of your new facility can be a spiritually growing experience. Together the church and Maranatha seek God's direction "...doing all things heartily as unto God not as unto man." We believe that God's plan done God's way in God's time will not lack for God's resources. During the construction we work to protect the witness of Christ.
"...When I first met you, you told me that you viewed this work that you are doing as Christian mission, and my experience with you and everyone at Maranatha has proved that out. I give thanks to God that our paths have crossed."
United Methodist Church, New Jersey