We'd like to include you in our
next consultation tour!
1.  Site selection, maximum site utilization strategies and building placement ideas.

2.  Construction savings techniques - Show how you can save 30 - 50 percent on your construction costs and additional savings on "finish it yourself" projects, allowing you to build now rather than wait.

3.  Easy expansion and phase planning ideas, which could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs. Our Genesis Octagon seats 250 and is expandable through 900! Our Maranatha Classic starts at 500 and grows to 2,800!

4.  Detailed information on our exclusive Super Insulation Package, which helped one Minnesota Church to have an annual heating and cooling cost of $500.00!

5.  Exciting, new fresh First Phase Designs. Christian School/Church Multiplexes, exciting additions that don't have that "added on" look and new seating arrangements, which can allow you to seat 500 within nine rows of pews. That is only 27 feet!

6.  The latest in fund raising and financing ideas.

7.  Advice on utilization of present structures.

8.  Start to finish design and construction sequence information.

Interested? We would like to share a consultation with you, right there where you live, with your committee, board or full congregation.

Our normal consultation fee is $800.00, however, by scheduling a consultation when we are in your area, we are offering a reduced fee of $495.00 and the cost of a nights lodging. Feel free to invite a sister church and split the cost if you want to.

Give us a call today so we can include you!

Maranatha Custom Churches, Inc

Bernie Satrom President, MCCI